Lindsay Rentz Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Nutritional Coach, ACE Yogafit, ACE
How It Works

Your decision to partner with me is the first of many great choices you'll make on your journey to optimal health! That is because I can offer you experience in the fitness field along with the ability to empathize about how life's daily challenges can threaten your success. As we work together, I will help you find a way to blast through those blockades!

Once I understand your objectives, I will design a challenging individualized exercise and nutrition program that will help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Each training session with me will focus on flexibility training, strength conditioning, and cardiovascular activity. In addition, we will review progress towards your nutrition goals to ensure that you are on the right track towards success.

As you move forward, my focus will be on helping you develop habits of mind and body that will help you reach your short term goals, and will allow you to remain healthy and active for the rest of your life.

To make it easy to incorporate fitness and nutrition into your busy life, you can come to my workout facility, or I can work with you in your home or office.

Your journey to better health and fitness can begin right now. All it takes is a decision and a phone call or email...

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