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My Story

My Story
I first began my journey to healthful living following college. However, it has been over the course of the past 15 years that I've evolved into an avid believer that with both good health and exercise, the larges of issues can be tackled! When I looked at my diet closely, I saw that eating poorly was getting in the way of finishing projects and goals that I had set for myself. I was so caught up in the yo-yo diet cycle, that I wasn't able to fully enjoy my time with friends and family. I felt deflated and held myself back with work and social life, instead of moving forward and living the best life I could.

Given my roles as a parent, a spouse, a volunteer, and a friend, I am probably very much like you! I am particularly qualified to work with you in an informed manner, so that you can be successful in all your nutritional and fitness goals. I understand the pressures you face every day, and I believe that healthful living will help you meet those challenges with strength and confidence, instead of stress and uncertainty.

It was when I started looking at foods and thought about what was going to fuel my body, instead of what is going to fill it, did I finally feel physically full. These changes positively impacted my performance during workouts, and caused me to adjust my overall approach to nutrition. I was able to wake up feeling positive, and less bloated, and my mood was shifted from a bumpy road, to something constant and full of energy.

I learned that being accountable to yourself - during workouts and for general health - is the only way to a personal best for day to day life. I look forward to the opportunity to help you discover the way to feeling strong, healthy, centered, and confident in your choices for both fitness and nutrition.

Your journey to better health and fitness can begin right now. All it takes is a decision and a phone call or email.