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5 Ways to Turn Your Health Around!  

5 Ways to Turn Your Health Around nbsp

Five ways to turnaround your health right now!

Set a goal: Want to run your first 5k? Lose five pounds? Create a calendar, break it down and be specific on when you want to reach your target. Search online for a training plan that will fit your lifestyle, and map out your runs and timelines. Use a pen and paper or a reminder app to keep you on track. Or better yet, tell a friend or family member and they will help you stay accountable for your goals.

Be consistent: Whether you walk for 15mins a day or run for an hour, be consistent in your exercise routine. Set a time on your iPhone and stick with it every day. Once it’s planned, it’s much easier to do it.

Make a 21-day change: It only takes three weeks to make or break a habit, whether it’s something good or bad. Want to start exercising more regularly or cut back on sugar? Just try it for three weeks. You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to keep going once you establish a new pattern in your life.

Rack the zzz’s: Study after study has shown that sleep deprivation is associated with higher caloric daily intake and an increase in obesity. Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on our hormones and our skin. Binging on Netflix might bring immediate pleasure…but the long-term price is not worth it. Turn off the technology and aim for seven hours a night. Your body will thank you!

Remember that we are all human: Be kind to yourself during your journey. If you fall off the wagon, don’t beat yourself, just regroup and get back on track. There are bumps in the road, and every day is a new experience. Research has shown that people who are forgiving of their own struggles reach better results in the end. One cookie does not have to lead to a whole box!