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Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching
Why is all the information about nutrition so confusing? Low carb, high fat, chia seeds, kale smoothies, coconut oil…the list goes on, with new recommendations and food fads emerging all the time. How are we supposed to sort through all the conflicting advice and make good food choices that don’t cost a fortune or take all day to prepare?

As a personal trainer and wellness coach, Lindsay believe's that diet is an essential part of overall health. She strives to cut through the confusion by zeroing in on the specific areas that are most likely to improve your diet, increase your energy and make you feel good. And while there are unique solutions for every person, she has seen first hand that eating clean, whole foods is the key to feeling stronger, healthier, and more productive.

If weight loss is your goal, we can look at your habits and come up with simple strategies to replace mindless, unhealthy eating with fresh, colorful and flavorful foods that are readily available at your local market.

And if energy is your concern (and as busy women, it’s a concern for almost everyone), it could be that your diet is zapping your reserves. She'll help you examine your eating over the course of the day to see where the energy bandits may be hiding and discover how to supercharge your diet to increase your drive and stamina.

With Lindsay's help, you’ll move beyond counting calories to creating lifelong habits for health and happiness so you can feel strong and vibrant every day. Contact her today and get started on a new path of nutrition and wellness.

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