Lindsay Rentz Fitness

Thanks again Lindsay. Yesterday was awesome. I loved working out in the fresh air. I can really feel it in my calves, upper arms and sides. Thanks again.


Lindsay Rentz taught me a whole new way to exercise that has completely changed my shape and level of fitness. I've been an athlete and runner most of my life, but before Lindsay I did not know how to push my exercise to achieve the fitness goals that are so important for a women in her 40s, including core strength and using weights to drive calorie burn. Lindsay's workouts are motivating, exhilarating and will make you sweat! Plus she is a terrific partner for achieving weight loss and creating sustainable health goals that will last a lifetime.


I am excited to recommend Lindsay because she is an incredible teacher and role model when it comes to fitness, nutrition and a positive outlook on life. Lindsay is dedicated to her work and is constantly broadening her expertise by taking specific nutrition and exercise classes and participating in boot camps and strength competitions. It is important for her to personally understand the true effort required to accomplish a goal which allows her to motivate and teach through experience.

Lindsay started working with me 2 years ago when I needed to lose that last 10 pounds that was not coming off on my own.  She created a specific weight lifting and cardio plan to add to the running that I was already doing. With her help, I have accomplished my goal and now stay on track through her varying my workouts and recommending changes to my diet. She is always the encouraging and positive voice that keeps me moving forward.


Lindsay really pulled it all together for me.  I have been working out for years, somewhat watching what I eat and wondering why there was no change.  Lindsay helped me realize how important the nutritional piece is and what foods will feed my muscles in the correct way.  She helped me eliminate the empty foods I reach for that may have been holding me back from really changing my body.  Lindsay not only has the knowledge about the whole equation, but is supportive, encouraging and keeps me on track.  She is a coach who really cares and helps you achieve your goals.  Her focus makes you focused and accountable.  When you get stuck or derailed from life, Lindsay understands and knows how to bring you back.